Bach Flower Remedies For Anxiety and Fear

During these challenging times we’re living in, it’s not uncommon to feel a bubbling up of fear or anxiety. If you’re experiencing panic, anxiety attacks, mounting stress, or a general sense of doom and gloom, you may want to consider Bach® flower remedies. We’ll cover the basics of how they work and which flower remedies can help with your emotional needs. 

What are Bach® flower remedies? 

The Bach® flower remedy system consists of 38 different remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a British doctor and homeopath, in the 1930’s. Dr. Bach believed physical ailments had an emotional origin or imbalance. He found when the correct flower remedies were used and matched the frequency of the patient’s emotional disturbance, their emotional issues would resolve first, followed by a reduction in their physical symptoms.

Dr. Bach masterfully crafted 38 Bach® Flower Remedies (derived from plants and wildflowers) that are still being used today with great success. The remedies target these 7 emotional categories: Apathy or lack of interest in life, despair or despondency, excessive worrying about others, fear, loneliness, oversensitivity, and uncertainty. 

How do Bach® flower remedies work? 

Each Bach® flower remedy is attributed to a different emotion and works by uprooting negative emotions so you can bring peace and balance back to your mind and body. 

Not only do they work on certain emotions, but they can also help with specific events that may trigger uncomfortable emotions (i.e., public speaking, taking a test, etc.) Those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, sadness, or trauma (PTSD) have also been known to benefit from using Bach® Flower Remedies. 

While results may vary based on the individual, many report feeling calmer, more in control of their emotions, having a quieter mind, or a lighter mood after using flower remedies. Some people  notice a difference immediately while others experience a slower progression.

Bach® Flower Remedies For Panic, Fear, and Anxiety

Rescue remedy is one of Dr. Bach’s most popular formulas. It contains a combination of 6 flower remedies for when you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, panicked, or if you’re in a situation where you need to reign in your emotions and feel in control again. Rescue Remedy has a calming effect on the nervous system and mind. Works great for anxious pets and kids, too. 

Rescue Remedy Kids

Rescue Remedy Pets

Rescue Remedy Original

Aspen is for when you’re fearful without knowing the exact cause. The nagging fear is unknown and vague but can persist day and night.

Mimulus is indicated for specific and known fear(s) that you can easily identify such as fear of losing your job, fear of the dentist, or spiders, etc.

White Chestnut helps when your mind is feeling overwhelmed.

Rock Rose is for when you’re rocked by intense fear(s), such as terror or fright that can feel paralyzing (fight, flight, or freeze response) or like you can’t think clearly.

Cherry Plum is for those who fear losing control of your thoughts or actions.

Impatiens is for  those who lack patience for others. They may speak fast or think quickly and may prefer to work alone.

Red Chestnut is for when you worry about others’ well-being or fear something bad may happen to someone you love. Also for caregivers who give a lot of themselves emotionally.

Sweet Chestnut is for when you are so distressed it’s almost unbearable.

Oak is for high achievers, workaholics, and those who don’t take care of themselves or who push past their limits (sometimes to the point of exhaustion).

Elm is for when you feel overwhelmed or overburdened by responsibilities.

It’s good practice to start slowly with one or two Bach® flower remedies, which best suit your needs and see how you do. According to the official Bach® Original Flower Remedies website, they advise not to take more than 7 remedies at one time. Please visit their website for more info and to learn how to combine multiple remedies into one convenient tincture.

As with all natural home remedies, use flower remedies responsibly. Only take as directed on the bottle or by a qualified practitioner. This article is not intended to treat, diagnose, or give medical advice. Seek proper medical attention if you’re concerned about your condition.