Essential work from home office accessories

More and more people are working from home these days. Staying productive at home takes planning, organization and the right accessories. Here are some things that will elevate your home office setup to the next level.

Glass Desktop dry erase board –  This handy notetaking device sits cleanly between your keyboard and your monitor and is always ready for that quick note, phone message or todo list. Say goodbye to unnecessary trash and post-it notes and upgrade to this dry erase note system.

Webcam Slide covers – These handy devices add a cover for your webcam when not in use. Easy to install, just line it up with your webcam and stick it on. Compatible with most laptops, tablets and phones.

A quality headset with a noise cancelling microphone is essential when working from home. Sound professional when talking to clients or colleagues from your home office while cancelling out any ambient noise that may be present. You can get yourself a nice set like this without breaking the bank. These can be found on Amazon for under 25 dollars.

Blue light protection computer glasses – Do you find yourself sitting behind the computer screen for longer hours? Do your eyes ever feel strained from staring at screens all day? Well, blue light from computer screens can contribute to eye strain and these blue light glasses can help protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light.

Check out this universal cell phone stand – Keep your desk clean and organized and always have a space dedicated to storing and charging your phone. 

Memory foam keyboard wrist support – These support your wrists and minimize wrist fatigue associated with long hours of computer use.

This one pretty much says it all. This mug is funny and is sure to be a favorite around any office. Check it out on Etsy here.