Fidget Toy Orbiters Spinner


Most fidget spinners out there suck.  This one is different.  This one is pretty cool.  Hold the magnetic base and spin the metal balls around and around.  Very quiet so that you can use anywhere.


We all experience some form of frustrations, nervousness or anger in our daily lives. For us, we just like to keep our hands occupied to relief stress, letting the mind zone out and run free.
We believe a wandering mind may be important to setting goals, making discoveries, and living a balanced life. Sit back, Fidget, Relax Put a smile on your mind。 Made for children and adults alike, our fidget spinner features smooth rolling bearings that spin and rotate fast to keep your fingers and hands busy. This spinning effect helps ease overwhelming feelings and keep your mind focused so you can relax and unwind.Compact and Travel Friendly. And because it is ultra-quiet, you can use it at work, in the classroom, or even at home; and no one will even notice.
Hold the spinner in one hand, or you can place it on flat surface
Use other hand to spin it rapidly
Enjoy and view our spinner long-lasting spinning time!
Product Details:
Fidget Toy (1 Orbiters and 3 Ball)
Body: Chromed Iron with Chrome-steel balls
Cylinder size: 23 * 23 * 14mm
Ball size: 15.8 * 15.8 * 15.8mm
Smooth, Ultra-Quiet Operation Compact Travel Size
Adults and Children New Design GIFT Box
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