JDR 17 Keys kalimba, Thumb Piano with EVA Waterproof Hard Protective Case, Tuning Hammer and Music book, Unique and great birthday gift for musicians or kids without any musical basis


The small and exquisite JDR Kalimba suitable for anyone

It suitable for person who plays music.The 17 keys thumb piano range from C4 to E6.
They are C4、D4、E4、F4、G4、A4、B4、C5、D5、E5、F5、G5、A5、B5、C6、D6、E6.
You can use it to play the song whatever you want.

It suitable for person who without musical basis but Interested in music.
There has the musical notes on the keys , you can according to the musical notes of the JDR music book’s staff and Kalimba to play the song.

How to use

Holding the main body by two hands, and then use your thumbs or thumb nails to play with it.
When the thumb presses and releases the piano, the steel slice will make sounds.

Best Gift:birthday present,Valentine’s Day gift,Christmas gift and so on

Suitable to be given to kids,the Small size makes it easy for children to master and cultivate a musical hobby.

Suitable to be given to adult, Portable and convenient, It is an excellent choice to solo or ensemble with the other musical instrument.