Luwint 36” Diameter Elastic Fishing Gardening Folding Umbrella Hat Headwear, Silver


Luwint — Let us win together!

• 36 inches in diameter which can give you much coverage — keeps the sun and rain from getting anywhere close to your neck and shoulders.
• Lightweight yet sturdy. No balancing needed and comfortable.
• With a Spring-Stop Lanyand Cord Lock, easy to fasten it under your chin.
• There is an elastic section on the head band, adjustable for adult heads Less than 22 inches in diameter
• Awesome cool. Both useful and fun to use, not only a handy gadget for around the yard, but also can be used as a Halloween costume!
• It’s small when closed and is easy to carry around, especially with a string that you can use to hang it on other things.
• Great Novelty Gift for your father, mother and friends.

How to Open:
It’s really easy to open and close and has instructions with pictures included on the outside of the Color Retail box.
On the very top a little plug has a rectangle hole. Turn the plug till the rectangle lines up and push it through the hole.
Then to lock it in place, turn the plug one quarter turn then it will be locked.

How to Close:
There is a white\ beige plug you have to push in at the very top. Just press the button on the side and it clicks back in. It will take a bit of force to push in.

It¡¯s discomfortable for those with larger-diameter heads, wearing a ball cap underneath will become more comfortable!
Color: Silver outside and Camo inside
Material: Oxford cloth, Metal, Plastic, Polyester
Size: Unfolded Diameter (Approx.): 36”; Folded Length (Approx.): 9.8”
Weight: 8.4 oz

Package includes:
1 x Luwint 36¡¯¡¯ Folding Umbrella Hat
1 x Spring-Stop Lanyard Cord Lock
1 x Color Box