Mugig Button Accordion, 10 Keys Control include 3 Air Valve, Easy to Play, Lightweight and Environmentally-friendly, Kid Instrument for Early Childhood Development (White)



The accordion is a reed instrument,pull the air by pulling the bellows to make sound,suitable for accordion lovers and students
Multi-purpose,in addition to solo, but also can ensemble,you worth it
There are 7 vocal keys on the right side of the accordion,push the bellows and press the key to make a variety of sounds
On the left there are three buttons:harmony, bass and deflated button (when press there will be no sound)


Stainless steel, ABS resin, copper, leather, kraft paper, cloth

Package included:

– 1 * Accordion 
– 1 * Manual 
– 1 * Wipe cloth

Suitable age:over 3 years old

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