YayaCat Dynamic Sand Picture Medium (8.66″ X 6.9″, Blue)

Made up of sealed glass cavity,alumina,special sand,colorless liquid,air bubble.
It‘s dynamic picture.Each movement of the sand can form an unique scenery.
The smooth motion of sands can relieve stress, relax your eyes,cultivate patience.
Pure handmade.Each work is an unique sand world.
Size:8.66″ X 6.9″(22cm X 17.5cm)


We will be responsible for any quality problem(include being damaged by express).Each product is subject to strict inspection,especially the volume of air bubbles.But there are also less than 1% unqualified products.Welcome to contact me with the photos to exchange a new one for free if you got it.

Kindly Remind:
Actually,as the size gets larger and larger,the visual effect of sand picture will get better and better.
Mini size(17cm×13.5cm):It’s the smallest size.It have got low probability to form the pattern like figure 4(Layer upon layer of peaks and knolls).It’s beautiful and interesting but can’t be perfect.Just like trial version.
Medium size(8.66″×6.9″):It’s wonderful.Relatively high probability to form a perfect pattern.It’s one of the best choice for desk decor.
Large size(12″×9.84″):So,it’s perfect.You will be shaken by its effect each time you flip it.I can’t tell its beauty with my poor English.I think every one who get it will love it.

Sand pictures are all handmade.You don’t know what you will get after reversing it.There are some tips to help beautiful pattern form.
1.When you just get it,if the sand is scattered or slant,flip it randomly to gather the sand to the bottom.
2.Flip it vertically to slow down the sand falling.
3.It is more beautiful after a longer falling time.If there are only a few slender sand lines falling down with a slow and stable speed,don’t worry,it’s normal.It usually means you can get a perfect pattern.This scene most commonly appear on large size one.

We made a quite safe packing.In compression test,it can bear the weight of an adult.And we dropped it form the height of 5 meters(16 inch),it’s absolutely not broken.