YEESAM ART Paint by Number Kits for Adults Kids – Painted Cat Head 16×20 inch Linen Canvas (Framed)

Here is a super cool paint-by-numbers set. The canvas is pre-stretched and mounted on a frame for easy painting and a more enjoyable experience. A lot of fun for kids or adults. Jump start your creativity with this awesome set. Comes with everything you need!


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Painting Instructions:
— You can decide the drawing turn according to your personal favor or in turns of the numbers.
— For the white paint and other light color paint part, the figures left on the canvas may be seen, you can double use the paint and try to cover with the thick paint.

The Paint:
— Use the paint directly and do not add any water.
— Match the number of the paint and the figure on the canvas to fill in the paint.
— If you careless to fill in a wrong color, you can wait the paint to get dry and then cover the wrong part with the correct color on the surface.

The Brush:
— Wash the brush cleanly when you change to another color.
— For the large part, you can use the larger brush to paint, and for the small part, you can use the smaller brush to paint.
— Wash the brush cleanly every time you finish painting for the next time use.

The Canvas:
— Professional canvas design for DIY oil paint.

If you need Solid Wooden Frame Set 16*20 inches, easy to assemble by yourself, please search this ASIN – B01F3JM1EK

— If you happen to have the paint on your cloth, please wash it immediately.
— Please cover the lid of paint well when you do not use it, in case the paint gets dry.
— The figures on the canvas may not be covered entirely, hope you do not mind.
— The paint we offer is enough for the normal use, please do not waste it in case of the paint shortage.

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— Every kit includes a 3X card magnifier as a gift!

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