Totally rad things popular in the 1990’s you can still buy today

Mega Warheads – the ultimate in sour. Do you remember these? Now you can buy this huge 240 count pack for under 20 bucks. That’s pretty sweet…err sour.


Koosh Balls – Oh wow these are the best. squish em, stretch em and toss them on. A classic 90’s toy that sill holds up today.

Sticky Hands – Now you can buy a 75 pack of these fun, sticky toys. These are upgraded with a stronger material that doesn’t break as easily as the original one’s did.

Inflatable chair – All of the coolest kids in the 90’s had some inflatable furniture in their room. Perfect for relaxing, listening to music or playing video games. These are still awesome and are still available today.

Nickelodeon Gak – Before the slime craze, there was Gak. Double Dare with Marc Summers made this slimy substance a 90’s icon and you can still buy it today in it’s star shaped “splat” containers.

Slap Bracelets – 90’s accessory style at it’s best. These colorful bands were the coolest. Now you can get a 50 pack to share with all of your friends.

Jazz Paper cups – This design was everywhere in the 90’s. These disposable cups were a staple at parties and could be found pretty much everywhere in the 90’s.

Lip Smackers – Moisturize your lips with a variety of Lip Smacker lip balms. Choose your lip balm from delicious classic flavors like strawberry or cherry or our more creative flavors like Dr. Pepper, Vanilla Coke, or Cotton Candy.